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1. Prior to Commencement of Work
The client undertakes to provide written approval of the quote and terms and conditions prior to any work being commenced.

2. Payment and fees due to The Pink Tank for services rendered
The client agrees to pay the invoiced amount within 14 days of receipt of an invoice. A deposit of 50% of the total projected fees is due and payable
prior to any work being undertaken and the balance within 14 days.

3. The Pink Tank charges as follows:
(a) Graphic Design is charged at $100 per hour with a minimum charge of 0.25 hours.
(b) Design time is charged in 15 minute units.

4. Scope. Additional work required
Additional work is defined as any and all work that exceeds the work outlined in the packages. Excess work will be charged at the rate set out above. If client changes direction or strays from original brief after work is commenced, additional costs may be incurred.

5. Limitation of Liability
The client agrees and accepts that The Pink Tank is not legally liable and/or responsible for any loss or damages suffered that may be caused by or
related to the work outlined in this quote.

6. Copyright
It is agreed that The Pink Tank will have the exclusive right to retain and reproduce any artwork, information, graphics, material and any other output which is produced for the performance of the work outlined above. If The Pink Tank agrees to in writing and offers to release Intellectual Property, and the client agrees to pay The Pink Tank the agreed copyright fee, The Pink Tank may then assign full copyright ownership of the work to the client upon payment of the full amount agreed on by the parties. It is agreed that The Pink Tank retains the right to use the completed project and any preliminary work as The Pink Tank deems fit.

7. Cancellation and Termination
It is agreed that the project may be cancelled by the client in writing. In the event of the client breaching any term or condition, The Pink Tank reserves the right to cancel the agreement by written notice. The Pink Tank retains the right to keep the deposit and invoice the client for all work completed up to the date of receipt of the written cancellation.

8. Approval of Work
The client is responsible for approving all work and ensuring accuracy and suitability.

9. Printing
The client agrees that printing will not be commenced until the full amount requested is paid and received by The Pink Tank.The client acknowledges that with all printing, there may be some colour variations from electronic visual representations and the prints.

10. Website
The client allows The Pink Tank to add a reference to The Pink Tank on the client’s website. This will be in the form of a small line of text placed towards the bottom of the page. The client also agrees to allow The Pink Tank to place ads, references and other designs with a link to the client’s site on The Pink Tank’s own website for self-promotional purposes.

11. Privacy Policy
The quote to the client is strictly confidential and must not be copied, scanned, forwarded or shown to any other person, company or competitor of The Pink Tank. The Pink Tank is committed to providing quality services to you and protecting your privacy is paramount to us. The Pink Tank may collect your personal information for the primary purpose of providing our services to you. The Pink Tank will not share, disclose, sell or otherwise release your personal information to third parties without your written permission. The Pink Tank may use analytics on the website and is to be used for the performance of its website and will not be shared with third parties.

12. Photography Cancellations
In the case of Covid-19, sickness, environmental or accidental circumstances The Pink Tank will offer a full refund of the deposit or any amount
paid if the client/The Pink Tank cancels the booking. In the case of client ‘change of mind’ the deposit will not be refunded if cancelled within 7 days of
the booking. In the case of postponement, the deposit will be kept by The Pink Tank while a new date is arranged.

13. Entire Agreement
This constitutes the entire quote/agreement and any amendments must be in writing and to by the client and The Pink Tank.

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