Branding for SME


(Small to Medium Sized Enterprise)

Graphic design although extremely important to branding, is just a part of the bigger picture. Let me explain what I mean. Branding as a whole involves more than a logo, it’s your businesses entire identity, it is how you communicate with your target market and how you make them feel. And, over time, with consistent nurturing, your branding will bloom to a level where it creates immediate awareness and recognition.. that is the ultimate reward with branding.. end game, mic drop, happy days!

Your branding is essentially:

  1. Your vision, pillars, ethos 

  2. Your products or/and services 

  3. Your visual identity (logo, colours, fonts)

  4. Your communication style and your tone of voice 


Identify and combine those magical things and you have your branding seed! It’s full of potential but needs a bit of a hand to get sprouting so you can get that desired recognition. (Scroll down for my 4 step visual process)

If you would like a little help with new branding or a little push with current branding, I am offering 60+ minute zoom consultations at my super affordable design rate to assist you in:

  • Graphic Design guidance

  • Brainstorming and identifying what elements can make up your brand

  • Strategies on execution


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