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Paddy Malone’s are an Irish pub in Joondalup which have adorned a cult like following over the years due to their great food, great beer selection and Irish hospitality. After working with them intermittently for several years, they approached me in early 2019 after a change in management, they wanted to completely overhaul their total brand. The team at Paddy’s had a rough vision of what they wanted the feel to be like...a tongue in cheek tone of voice with a retro vintage Guinness style look but they wanted to retain their logo as it is already so recognisable. 


I prepared a branding presentation of my interpretation of their vision including not only design layouts but tone of voice, brand pillars and much more, a total branding solution! After viewing the presentation Paddy's said, ‘it is literally like you were able to pull the ideas directly out of our brains and put them on the page’. I couldn’t ask for better feedback!


The green light was given to start the massive task to completely re/design their signage and collateral. Here is a list of what was completed, due to budget it was staggered throughout the year. 


  • Menus for food, drink and special events

  • Posters for food specials and special events

  • Signage including ACM panels, tear drop banners & posters.

  • WIX Website with online ordering system

  • Photography 

  • Front elevation design for council approval of renovations


Kings Travel are an Escorted Touring company that specialise in premium tours for seniors. I have been working with Kings Travel since 2012 and I truly feel like part of the team.

During our time working together, their brand has had a huge evolution, however has always stayed vibrant and colourful.

In early 2019 we met and brainstormed ways to get the most out of their brand. We updated the logo and introduced iconography as part of their branding to represent the key selling points of their business.

At present the design tasks I undertake for Kings Tours on a regular basis are as follows:

  • Weekly Advertisements/Advertorials

  • A Quarterly Travel Brochure

Jobs undertaken:

  • Comprehensive E commerce WordPress Website

  • Branding Design

  • On Location Photography

  • Print Communications

  • Promotional Products/Uniforms

  • Signage Design



I have been working with the Strathbogie Shire since 2014, and what a journey we have been on! Strathbogie is a massive shire in country Victoria made up of 6 towns, now that is a lot of design ground to cover!

Strathbogie Shire originally engaged my services to redesign their branding to a more clean and corporate feel with a little flair added in. From there, the relationship grew to the point where I now am responsible for designing the communications that the whole population of Strathbogie see. Newsletters, flyers, brochures, signage, tenders, tourism adverts...the list goes on!

Being in another state has not stopped us from continuing a strong working relationship and I can't wait to see what we produce together next!

Jobs undertaken

  • Logo & Branding Design + Style Guide Development

  • Print Communications

  • Advertising Design

  • Signage

  • Tender Application Design

  • Official Visitors Guide

  • Rural Council of Victoria Summit Event Design



I first met Darren and Caley Reece from Riddlers Gym way back when I was starting my business in 2009. They are massive supporters of small business and initially put faith in me to manage small parts of their brand. Darren's fight name was 'The Riddler' hence the business name, so the brand and business was/is very personal and a huge passion for Darren and Caley. Their mantra is 'Muay Thai is Life' and it is very much true for them, they live and breathe it. So, allowing me control over aspects of their brand was a massive step.


Since then our relationship has grown and they have entrusted me to be responsible for their entire branding and visual communications for both their gym and also their Muay Thai fight shows 'Epic' & 'Evolve'.

Jobs undertaken:

  • Branding Design

  • Clothing Design

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Design

  • Print Communication Design

  • Marketing Photography

  • Fight Show Photography

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