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The first step of my branding process is a Zoom chat. Why Zoom I hear you ask? Simple, it's so important, although virtual, to have a face-to-face chat so you can get to know the person who is going to be working on your brand (moi) and ask any questions. I can share my screen at any stage to discuss ideas and we can also record our meeting for future reference.


I will require you to fill out a brand journal before we chat. I know, I know, I can feel you thinking... Jess you're giving me homework?! I feel you, BUT this is for your benefit and it'll help me get a good grasp of who your ideal client is, where you sit in the market and your expectations before we meet. If you do decide to purchase my 'Get Booming' package, this info also helps me build out your brand guide, a second zoom meeting will be required for that particular package.

On this call we will put together a brief based on the information in your journal and we will talk about time-frames and which package is the best fit for you.

You'll often see me in a zoom chat looking slightly scruffy with a mum bun, so no need to dress up for me. Wear your slippers and boil the kettle. It's very casual over here. 😉



After our call it is up to me to get the ball rolling and put my creative cap on. Stage one design covers my research, colour palette development and the drafting up of a minimum of three logo concepts and colour palettes to present to you. These concepts or 'brand boards' will be based on the brief you have given me on our call and also may include my suggestions that may appeal to your target customer.

I EXPECT YOU TO MAKE CHANGES. Remember this is a process, and revisions are normal in this type of work. Please give me your feedback and be open and honest. For example, you may like elements from different options, we could then combine those options together, say the font from option A, the colour from option B, and the layout of option C. 

Once we NAIL the logo and palette we will move onto stage two. This is also where I require the remainder of your payment.



This is where you see your brand come to life, and is the most exciting part of the process in my opinion. 😊 Depending on the package you chose you will receive concepts for your add-ons like social media elements, stationery and style sheets/brand guides.

Again, feedback and changes are welcome on stage two designs. 



Your brand design is almost complete. Can I get a 'hellll yeahhhh?!'


Once you approve designs from stage two, all of your elements will be packaged up and delivered to you via email or Dropbox depending on the size of your brand package.

If you have chosen social media elements you will receive links to those templates via Canva, ready to edit and use. 


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