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Let's Talk About WIX, Baby.

AND 5 reasons why I offer WIX as my top website building platform for SME clients.

I had a client jokingly tell me recently, ‘you must be working for WIX because you rave about them ALL the time!’ Well, the truth is, I am a Wix Partner & recognised Pro-Designer BUT I assure you I get NO monetary kickbacks or commission. My reward is seeing how happy and excited my clients are when they realise they can use their websites confidently after hand-over, and that is why I rave about it, it is the client satisfaction.

For me, design is about delivering the best solution for YOUR needs. I try not to let my feelings and ‘loyalty’ to other platforms interfere with offering the best option that will integrate smoothly with your business and meet your specifications. Look, Wix isn’t the be all and end all, I understand that, and I do offer other website solutions as sometimes a client’s specific needs call for a different platform. However, after designing nearly 70 WIX websites it is proving to be a one of the best ways for my clients in the small to medium business arena to get online.

I won’t harp on, because we all know I tend to do that. So here are my top 5 reasons why I love to recommend Wix to my clients.

1: Affordability – Although the yearly fees are already quite low, what makes a big difference for clients is the ability for them to make edits themselves and manage the site. You are not paying for, and relying on a Web Designer to make your changes. Once you sign up to WIX, it is essentially your website hosting & SSL, so you will not need to pay additional fees for these things, only your domain.

2: Ease of editing – It is easy for you to login and make changes as you are editing the site AS YOU SEE IT online. The Wix dashboard is simple and easy to navigate as well, it is just so user friendly. I have many clients that have websites with different platforms designed by other developers that have approached me for help as they have given up trying to edit their site and are worried about paying exorbitant rates.

3: Integrations – WIX is capable of so much in the way of integrations and marketing and it is getting better every year. You can add E-Commerce shops, bookings for services, blogs and social media streams as well as Email Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns and automated emails. It is becoming a real one stop shop!

4: Support – There is always support on hand if you need it. You can lodge a support ticket or book a call and a team member will contact you quickly. There is also an online forum full of videos and ‘how to’s’. You will always find an answer to your question or issue.

5: SEO – Now the mention of SEO and WIX together causes many Web Developers to break out in hives. In the last couple of years there has been massive advancements with the introduction of the WIX SEO Wiz and integrations with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel and much more. It really isn’t getting the credit it deserves! SEO is more than choosing a website platform, it is a contribution of good content, smart keywords, social media activity and clever marketing. It cannot be put to one single thing. My client Riddlers Gym currently rank number 1 for organic results for ‘Muay Thai Perth’ in Google, with NO paid advertising, just smart marketing and a WIX website. It can be done!

My honest feeling is that the thought process needs to shift around cloud-based website builders, it is not a ‘cheap and nasty’ option that will damage your SEO, that is simply not the case. A WIX website can look beautiful and function great if designed properly initially.

My focus is on my client’s best interests. It is to deliver them with a solution that suits them and their business, not a solution that I prefer to work with or that I know I can charge more for. Jess dropping truth bombs.... KA-SPLAT!!

If you want to chat more about WIX websites or anything, like the weather, or my new hair, send me an email and we can have a chin wag!



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