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Create a logo design brief in 5 steps!

So, you’ve chosen your Graphic Designer, approved the logo design quote and now want to proceed with the design. You're excited and busting at the seams to get cracking! Then, your designer asks you for a brief… <insert panic here> … your head starts to spin, thoughts and ideas rush around your brain, how on earth are you going to put these ideas into a brief? Don’t panic, I got you.

Briefs put simply, are the instructions that you provide your designer so they can deliver your design. If you get your brief right, you will hopefully get the logo you desire, maybe even in the first couple of revisions. Miss details and you could risk a game of back and forth that will rival the likes of Federer.

Here are 5 simple steps to get your ideas and message across to your designer for a successful creative transaction.

1. Your Entity: What does your business do? Who are you as a business? What is your vision, mission, values, ethos.

2. Your Audience: Who are your target market/demographic? What is their sex, age, interests? What will be the challenges?

3. Your Mood: Collate a little folder of inspiration including logos that you like, textures, patterns, colours, essentially a mood board. It’s totally ok if you have no ideas, your designer will assist you in creating your mood based on the other 4 steps.

4. Your Competition: Provide links to your competition. You want to stand alone in your industry, researching your competitors can ensure that your brand doesn’t have any similarities and is truly unique.

5. Your Time-frame: When would you like to see the first draft and when would you like the finished product?


6. STOP - Before hitting send make sure it is short, it is called a brief for a reason, see what I did there? 1 page should be more than enough. :-)

Has this helped you? Let me know and comment below.

Much love!




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