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A social experiment: The Power of Social Media

Have you seen this meme floating around before?

This is a picture of my nifty husband that was taken in my backyard on January 26th 2015. It has been shared and liked tens of thousands of times and the question we need to ask ourselves is, why?

I have so many clients ask me how to improve their social media presence. So I have used this meme as a social media experiment to see how people tick and hopefully it answers a few questions!

So why did this work? What made this picture cause such a stir. Here is my take on it:

The timing was on point: This to me was the most imperative recipe in my concotion. It was released on Australia Day. A 'straya' meme on Australia day... come on, that's just too perfect! Aussies everywhere are feeling patriotic and seeing something like this on Australia Day would most likely instigate them to try it with their mates. Most Aussies love a beer on Australia Day, sorry to say but it's our culture! ;-)

It was relevant: The selfie stick revolution was at its peak at this point, everyone loved them or hated them, but they were talking about them all the same. So you could say that #selfiestick was trending!

Easily identifiable stereotype: This pic wasn't staged, I didn't tell Matt to go put on a wife beater and make sure you don't have a shave and a haircut! The way it happened was quite organic and people can often sense that. If they feel like something isn't authentic they don't resonate with it. Matt is your stereotypical Aussie bloke, a lot of people itentify with that. If I were to do this same thing I doubt it would have had the same impact on social media.

It sparked emotion: Seeing this pic just makes you laugh, it is truly the epitome of an Aussie Larikan. It makes you think 'I have to try that' 'I have to do this with mates' 'I am so doing this today for Ozzie Day' etc etc.

I am interested to know what is your take on it? Contact me at and let's chat!

The original image below...

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