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Why Pink? Why Not?

*The Pink Tank formerly known as Jeska Design

I often get asked, ‘Jess, why all the pink?’. After all, I’m not a really girly girl, I only have one item of pink clothing in my wardrobe! (this is it in the picture!) Wrapping my brand in a bright pink blanket was never a spontaneous decision, a lot of thought went into it. I knew that as a designer, choosing colour for a new business was not something to be taken lightly, once chosen it should stay for good as a part of all marketing material and become sort of a ‘staple’ of that brand so to speak. I also needed to consider the colour’s relevance to my business and my target market. Being a small boutique business I can usually get away with being a little more outrageous in my design choices, there is always that little bit more room for me to push the boundaries.. within reason of course! With that bit of freedom in mind I became hungry to try something different, I wanted to be courageous in my colour choice... pink was the neglected logo colour... yes that was, it had to be pink! I was determined to make people think about pink differently, after being railroaded as a ‘girly’ colour for decades it was time for pink to make a stand! It screams creativity, emotion and individuality, that was all the convincing I needed, so I started to implement my idea.

I was very meticulous on what shade of pink I chose, studies show that colours can draw on different emotions when you see them. For example baby pink will automatically make you think of a baby girl and give you a warm fuzzy feeling, well it’s supposed to anyway! So baby pink was definitely a big no no. I wanted the Jeska pink to go ‘HELLO! LOOK AT ME, I bet you can’t look away!’, it needed to be clean, crisp, with a modern edge. After experimenting with different CMYK values, I found that 100% magenta with 20% yellow made for pink perfection. There was still one thing on the back of mind, I thought it was a good idea but how will my clients and potential customers perceive it? Before making any final decision with my brand, I do ask the opinions of my colleagues and peers, so off I went and did just that. I couldn’t help but notice my choice of pink sparked a lot of debate, people either really liked it or couldn’t stand it, BUT they were talking about it. I soon came to realise that pink was controversial. Pink, when used properly, can never really fall into the black hole of mediocrity because it’s too busy being loved or hated. That for me cemented my decision, pink it was, and it was here to stay. To say that pink is now a staple of all the Jeska branding is an understatement, it IS the Jeska branding, the logo could change but the pink will always stay the same. I received a sales call this week and I asked my usual question ‘how did you hear about Jeska?’, the woman said, ‘I saw your bright pink back window on the freeway, it stood out like no tomorrow so I sped up and got your details’. To me, this one single conversation confirmed it, I had made the right choice.

When you see this particular shade of pink, will you think of Jeska? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts!

*The Pink Tank formerly known as Jeska Design Jessica Griffiths Proprietor I Pink Promoter

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