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  • Jessica Griffiths

Scam Alert: Graphic & Web Designers

Hi guys,

Last week I had two emails from 'potential clients'. One wanting quotes on a website and the other wanting quotes on 30 large banners to be delivered to ... Haiti. Both jobs equated to approx $15,000.

If you are contacted by anyone that is asking if you take credit cards and are wanting to involve a third party like a project consultant or freight company please do not respond or take the process any further.

Here is a link with more info about the scame - https://blog.waveapps.com/important-alert-payments-scam-targeting-web-designers-and-other-small-business-owners/

Below is an email from the website guy who claimed to be working on an Australian Navy ship:

'Good Morning, How are you doing and how are things going on with you today, Thanks for getting back to me whichI have also made necessary arrangements with my project consultant and he said he will forward the content to you on Tuesday but I'm having some issues which I will need you help me with. I am finding it difficult to pay the project consultant as he doesn't have credit card facilities for payment and due to my absent and my online banking issue, It wont be convenient for me to pay via other method that is why i want you to assist me. I have intended paying you an upfront payment of $1000 which I will need you add $3900 to it,so that you can have all the sum of $4,900 charged on my credit card and you will have the $3,900 transferred to the project consultant so once he receive the $3,900.00 he would send you an email for the content on Tuesday so you can go ahead with your work, You will be charging my card for remaining balance upon completion of work.I will await now your positive response about this and I hope you well understand me by putting my condition into consideration. I am sorry if however it cause you inconvenience and if there would be extra charges for the transaction, kindly let me know so I can forward my card details immediately.'

I have already wasted precious time dealing with these parasites so please do not respond.

Jess x